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The first croissants pastry in Sfax was created in the heart of the city center, in Beb Bhar, to offer the region inhabitants a new taste of breakfast. With a commercial area of 40m², the store offered croissants and salty pastries.
The second sale’s point was created in Majida Boulila. A variety of sweet and savory pastries is served in a catchment area with a very high potential!
The third sale’s point was opened in Ennasria to serve a wide variety of European pastries: ice cream, cakes, frozen yogurts and biscuits.
The fourth sale’s point was created in Sakkiet Ezzit where a world of pastry is available to you: croissants, salty pastries, biscuits, cakes, ice creams and frozen yogurts for a maximum taste pleasure!
The layout and makeover of the Majida Boulila store. A customer area was created with the arrival of a nice new logo and with the realization of an elegant design.
Ciao Ciao celebrated its 20th birthday and set about renovation of Ciao Ciao stores in Ennasria and Sakiet Ezzit. A new customer area complements the Ennasria store while a new design has emerged at the Sakiet Ezzit store.
 After the refurbishment of the Bab Bhar store in Sfax, Ciao Ciao embarkes  on an nationwide expansion strategy  with the opening of a 5th point of sale in the Gabes District .