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Ciao Ciao, the quality is our major concern

Leader in croissants in Tunisia, Ciao Ciao is known for the quality of its pastry preparations. Quality is indeed a value to which we pay attention in the most precise details of our pastry and thanks to which our store is differentiated on the Tunisian pastry market.

The rigorous selection of our ingredients

Anxious to serve the most enjoyable pastries to our customers, we collaborate with a single supplier: ourselves!

Indeed, we are our own suppliers where we make sure to rigorously select the ingredients of our preparations: raw materials, fruits, chocolate varieties, dried fruits and many other components that make the magic of our preparations!

At Ciao Ciao, we serve with great love but above all with great professionalism...

Safety and hygiene at the heart of our activity

Using a high-performance equipment and calling on a competent professional team, the Ciao Ciao store guarantees, on the one hand, a quality product to its customers and on the other hand, favorable working conditions for its staff.

Indeed, we take care to respect the strict rules of safety and hygiene for a healthy product and also for an ideal work environment.