Ciao Ciao, the first destination for pastry lovers

Are you looking for a croissant for your breakfast? Do you want to offer a birthday cake? Do you want to sit in a small corner with your friends to enjoy a delicious ice cream cone?

Ciao Ciao is the destination you are looking for!

Indeed, since 1997, Ciao Ciao stores have been at the service of pastry lovers to delight their taste buds and offer them a wide variety of pastry preparations. Known for its range of delicious croissants, Ciao Ciao offers a variety of products that are prepared by the great care of its team: cakes, frozen yogurts, cookies, ice cream, salted pastries and many other delights!

The pastry shop that echoes throughout the Tunisian territory

First pastry of croissants in Sfax, Ciao Ciao offers you a variety of pastry tastes that no one can resist!

Always serving the satisfaction of its customers, the sfaxian pastry has been able to acquire an excellent reputation on the national level where the name Ciao Ciao says a lot about pastry art! Croissants, cakes and frozen yogurt and also biscuits and salty pastries, you have all the means to delight your taste buds!

Don’t delay, go to the nearest Ciao Ciao store to extremely enjoy!